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How do you experience time? Fuss, hurry, rush. Here, there, nowhere. Cars, phones, planes. A constant rotation of tasks threatening to fill that free hour you don’t have.

Chill out much? If you’re here, we’re guessing you don’t.

Eighty trips around the sun – if you’re lucky, that’s all you get. We understand that lost time is irreplaceable. We want to make your moments matter.

We’re a niche organization with a brave goal – we want to edit your world.

Eighty trips around the sun. Make each one count.

Life Made Simple: How can we help you win today?


Our Clients

Our world is made up of wonderful, brilliant, fascinating people. We’re fortunate to work with amazing individuals and because of that, we understand how you think.

Our community is full of people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, academics, leaders, CEO’s, athletes – the list is endless. But they all have one thing in common – they want the best from life and understand that time is worth immeasurably more than money.

To maintain the integrity of our community and our service, we are an application only organisation, and we currently have a waiting list.

“We’d like to thank you for making this trip to Ireland such a delight. We’ve been educated, informed and looked after wonderfully. We’ve fulfilled every objective of this professional mission and, and our trip to London was seamless. On a personal note, we’d also like to thank you for your kind recommendations on our ongoing vacation through your beautiful country. The service we received through your connections in Adare has been second to none.”

Senator Thomas ‘Mac’ Midleton – Maryland State Senate

“This has to be the most efficiently organised trip I have ever been on! I really couldn’t have asked for more. You have been at our service for what feels like 24 hours of the day, each day and I am astounded at the level of service. Thank you.”

Ann Swanson  – Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Commission

“My trip was beset by challenges, with every flight delayed, bad weather, cancelled reservations, and a missing bag. You’ve somehow managed to get me where I need to be, on time, with everything I needed! You’ve handled every hiccup with apparent superpowers. Your professionalism is to be applauded.”

Senator Mike Brubaker – Pennsylvania State Senate (2007-2015)

“I have really never experienced courtesy quite like this. This has been the business trip of dreams.”

Maggie Macintosh – Member of the Maryland House of Delegates

“Our time in Ireland and the UK has been extremely fruitful. We were pleased to meet your industry connections, and visit the plant in London. I truly appreciated the depth and breadth of the intelligence we have gained on this trip and the quality of your introductions has been superb.”

Dr Steven Gabrielle – Prof, University of Maryland

“Several years after this happened, the people who were on this trip continue to comment about how it was the best business mission they had ever been on.  Thanks to the hard work and attention to detail that you gave each and every participant, our company reputation continues to shine and the investment we secured has helped us make the leap to the Ernst & Young EOY programme”

Declan O’Connor – CEO, BHSL


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We are a globally trading bespoke business and lifestyle management agency, and our role is simple – we’re here to make your life easier.
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