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We work for the best, with the best talent. We’ve spent a decade building knowledge, relationships, connections so we need to safeguard both our community and our team. We dedicate complete focus and attention to our clients and we can’t do that in an overworked, harried sort of way.

To protect the integrity of our service we restrict our upper tier personal signups to two per month.

Membership is by application only, and just like many clubs in the world, we do reserve the right to refuse entry if your goals and values don’t match ours. It’s the only way we can continue our commitment to brilliance, and give you the service you deserve. We’ve worked hard to build our standards and service – we intend to protect this to ensure everyone’s happiness.

We aim for a triple win. Happiness is important to us. We need to, and deserve to work with people who truly believe in the importance and value of time just like we do – so we don’t waste yours, or ours.

We have two clear tiers of membership for personal members  – Shaken and Stirred.


Our general membership.
  • You can join us at this level to request completion of your basic, everyday tasks, such as booking tables, hotels and travel. Shaken members get a layer of support that’s helpful, practical and affordable.
  • A warning though – if what you want is dedicated personal service, Shaken is not for you. This level is where you contact us and you are assigned any team member who will complete your task request. We will store only the very basic information about you and limited preferences. If you want us to really get under your skin, take a peek at Stirred.


This is the feather in our cap, the reason for our being.
  • Join us in getting Stirred and we’ll enter your world by osmosis. At this level we are proactive, dedicated and thinking about you all the time. We’ll welcome as much access to your world, your life, as you want to give us – because we want to help you.
  • This is where it gets personal. We’ll get into the nitty gritty. We’ll learn your birthday, your favourite colour, your pet’s name. We will understand where you like to sit on an aircraft, your frequent flyer accounts, your personal security needs and the way you don’t need to be disturbed for turn down service just as you surrender to jet lag. How do you like your tea? What’s your biggest work headache right now? We know how precious your family, friends, and time are so we’ll do our job in protecting them.
  • We take our commitment to Stirred seriously, so we need you to do that too. We strictly limit applications for membership at this level because we commit to our clients fully.


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